Projects and Test Planning

GoTestPro – Recorder Extension enables the Tester to interact with Application Under Test and record every navigation easily and clearly.

  • Projects can be created, and scripts can be generated against scenarios.
  • Hierarchy/Org will enable the Tester (s) to develop and work on a given scenario/Project.
  • Assigned activities can be viewed and worked upon by the Project Manager (s)/Super Admin of that Org.
Web Test Recorder

GoTestPro – Recorder Extension enables the Tester to interact with Application Under Test and record every navigation easily and clearly.

  • Leverages a wide range of assertions, validations to enhance the completeness of testing.
  • Recorder Extension is very user-friendly and requires no coding skills.
  • It Creates code while recording; thus, anybody with or without coding skills can create automation scripts and execute them.
  • Scripts accuracy, reliability, and test coverage will be more, as automation scripts creation and validation are taken care of by Recorder Extension.
  • Best Solution for Faster Releases.
Reusable Scenarios

During Test Automation, test Scenarios that were created can be reused for alike scenarios within the Application.

  • Avoids the duplication of test scenarios within the repository, thus enhance efficiency.
  • Reduces a great amount of time and effort while ensuring its reliability and maintainability intact.
Codeless Tests Creation and Management

GoTestPro with a user-friendly interface Recorder Extension enables the Tester with code creation on the go while allowing non-coders to perform test automation with ease.

  • Leverages the automation process where the testing can be carried out without bothering the coding skills of the Test Engineer.
  • Recorder Extension enables the Tester to start Test automation on any application and perform Continuous testing, Smoke, Sanity, and Regression testing with ease and less time.
  • Helps in expediting the Automation Test scripts creation and maximizes the reliability of the scripts.
  • Better test automation coverage, test reusability. Shorter time to market and better ROI.
Data-Driven Testing

Data-Driven Testing is one of the key features that enable the Tester to validate any given scenario.

  • With multiple sets of data, you will get full test coverage, quality, and completeness.
  • GoTestPro offers parameterization of elements and values with external data sources like Excel sheets/.CSV/Database.
On-Demand Parallel Cross-Browser Execution in Cloud

Testers can run tests Simultaneously in different test environments with different browsers using remote test execution features.

  • Server-side execution will be initiated as per the project plan. We can also schedule (Date and time) the scripts to execute as intended.
  • GoTestPro enables the user to configure the execution with a multi-select option to configure parallel test runs in different browsers - max 5 browsers at a time.
  • Server-Side Test execution will result in test reports and are viewable in the results section.
On-Perm Execution and Debugging

GoTestPro has the provision to run the scripts on the Client-side with Debug Mode.

  • Executing the scripts in debug mode will enable the Tester to ensure no flaws are popping up in terms of element recognition, Test data, page load issues, etc.
  • The Tester can execute the scripts at the local server for its test completeness before it is scheduled for actual execution.
Dashboard and Reporting

GoTestPro Dashboard Displays table & graph to depict Project health and statistics.

  • GoTestPro has an effective reporting mechanism where all execution reports can be viewable in the results section once after execution is done.
  • GoTestPro has been provided with an email notification feature with which test reports will be automatically notified to project team members/ intended recipients once the test execution is done.